Friday, November 8, 2013

Week 21! more than half-way done.

It's been a few weeks since i've posted, mostly because i've been too busy nesting. Between sewing, knitting, sorting through baby clothes, and de-cluttering my closets, it's been all about home for me lately. I find our constantly cluttered house to be very stressful, so I have been trying to de-clutter it before our little one arrives.

We were able to reschedule our ultrasound during our 19th week, and confirmed that we are having a little girl! I felt it was a girl from the beginning, but its great to have confirmation. It's also great to know that she is growing perfectly, has all the right parts, and is right on track for our due date.

Since confirming we'll be completing our family with a daughter, I have been sewing like crazy. I spent a happy sunday afternoon at JoAnns, buying all sorts of girly material. I swear, I can't stop making these adorable circle skirts out of every leftover fabric quarter I have. My serger makes it oh-so-easy to whip one up in 10 minutes.

We've decided on a pink and grey nursery look, so it isn't too babyish. It is still our guest room, after all.

I have been going through all the boxes of Little John's clothes to pull out anything that can work on a girl, and packing the rest of the boy stuff up for our nephew's use. I discovered that I really don't have much left to buy for this baby. We have so much stuff already, and i've been picking up pink sleepers everywhere I go, that we're pretty much set for this gal.

The only things I need to buy are:

  • A new car seat, as ours have expired.
  • A new portable swing, ours was given away
  • Diapers
  • Burp cloths
  • Wall paint
  • and I really want one of these this time around: Baby K'Tan. I had a moby wrap with John and I LOVED it. This is the same idea, but with less inconvenience. 

It's been 5 and a half years since we've had a baby around, so I expected to need more stuff, and am so pleased we're nearly set already. 

Week 20 marked the half-way point for us, and its fun to know we're on the downhill side of this. We're so excited to meet our little girl. 

Here's the latest view of my ever expanding belly:

21 Weeks 4 Days


BABY’S SIZE? A carrot



MATERNITY CLOTHES? Yes. I have long since said goodbye to my regular clothes. I tried to wear a pair of my yoga pants last week, and the baby spent two hours kicking at the waistband before I gave up and changed pants.

STRETCH MARKS? No new ones so far.

SLEEP: I've been sleeping much better this past week! 

BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Several over the past few weeks - confirming its a girl, watching my boys get so excited over it. Finishing clean out of all our old baby stuff and her room. 

MOVEMENT: Yep, lots of crazy kicking, and tons of rolling over, and her favorite new game - kick mommy in the hoo-ha. 

FOOD CRAVINGS: Prime rib, and chili cheese dip. Not at the same time. 


MISSING ANYTHING? some of my sweatpants that don't fit anymore. Getting up out of my recliner without help. 

GENDER? Girl! 

LABOR SIGNS? nope, but i've had a few braxton hicks contractions, which are uncomfortable. I had lots of these with John, so no surprises here. 

BELLY BUTTON: In tact, so very shallow. 

WEDDING RINGS ON OR OFF? on, most days.  

HAPPY OR MOODY MOST OF THE TIME? Mostly happy, but can be irritated in a snap. I have irrational attachments to food cravings. Once i've decided I want something, and then get denied that thing, I'm very prone to tears. 

WEEKLY SYMPTOMS:itchy legs, sleepiness, and a changing center of gravity.