Tuesday, February 18, 2014

36 Weeks! Just one left until full term!

36 Weeks! In just a few days, my baby will technically be considered full term! That's not too exciting really, since 37 weeks is the medical determination of full term, and I doubt the babies got the memo. They seem to like to stick around a little longer.

We're nearly ready for her arrival. I don't think she'll stay in until her St. Patricks Day due date, but I am not expecting her to make an appearance before March 12 or so.

I'm so lucky to be surrounded by caring and generous people. Two friends of mine helped me paint Abby's room a few weeks back. The walls are a light grey, the ceiling is white, and i'm working on a few pieces of pink to go in the room. I'll post before/after shots when its all done.

Beyond my friends, husband and family, I have to share the absolutely amazing work environment I have. I am surrounded by awesome co-workers, who are supportive and fun to be around. I haven't even worked there a year, but I will miss each and every one of my team mates during maternity leave, without doubt. I love going into the office, and I love the ability to work from home. I love the good senses of humor i'm surrounded by, the get-it-done attitudes, the lack of ego and drama, and just the team chemistry.

Our prep for the home birth is nearly complete. Last week, my midwives visited our home to pick the best locations for labor and delivery. Because I am hoping for a water birth, we debated the use of a birth tub, or the giant tub in our bathroom. Because our bathroom tub is larger than the birth tubs my midwives stock, and because a plumbed in tub is easier to clean and keep full, we've decided on using ours. The downside of our tub vs. the birth pool is that my midwives can only access it from one side, rather than their preferred three. The upside is the bath ledge, which gives them somewhere to lean and sit while helping me.

Our birth kit arrived today, which includes all the disposable supplies that we'll need on the big day and immediately postpartum. All the chucks, rubber gloves, foot print kits, etc. It's comforting to have it all here and ready to go.

I also took hypnobirthing training from my lovely aunt, and have great faith that it will help me relax and focus during the contractions. It was a very relaxing experience, and I was surprised at the effectiveness in our training session.

The hubs has been hard at work building me a co-sleeper (pictures to come), so that Abby can sleep with me, but safely. JT slept in our bed for the first 6 months or so, and it was fantastic. He was also a very insistent belly sleeper, and I imagine Abby will be too. Their dad certainly is. The part that makes me nervous (rational or not) is that between kids, we upgraded to a tempurpedic bed, which was one of our best decisions ever. I LOVE OUR BED. But, I am uncomfortable with the idea of a baby sleeping on her belly on the memory foam. So our custom co sleeper will give her a firmer mattress to sleep on, that is attached to and level with the bed right next to me.

Aside from the prep, I feel large and uncomfortable or fantastic depending on the minute you ask me. Most of my maternity clothes are now too small, my feet are hugely swollen (no pre-eclampsia though, yay!), and I could really use a pedi, because there is no way I can reach my toes.

Here's the latest views of my ever expanding belly:

35 Weeks
36 weeks!


BABY’S SIZE? A honeydew melon (this seems too small to me)



MATERNITY CLOTHES? I'm down to two maternity dresses, blue jeans, and 4 shirts. One pair of leggings still fits. 

STRETCH MARKS? Not that I have noticed!

SLEEP: not so much. I can't stay in one position very long, but am so tired these days I fall back asleep fast when I roll over or have to get up.

BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Feeling her startled reaction when the dogs started howling right next to me. 

MOVEMENT: slowing down as she runs out of room, but still one very active baby. She's able to find my most sensitive rib, and the sensitive edges of a dead nerve patch from surgery last year and kick it until I use ice to scare her away.

FOOD CRAVINGS: Oreo ice cream with chocolate sauce or Life cereal.

ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY OR SICK? Nothing new this week, but EVERYTHING gives me reflux.

MISSING ANYTHING? My feet, my ability to concentrate, and my ability to form full sentences that are remotely intelligent. 

LABOR SIGNS? The braxton hicks contractions have changed from down low and from the sides, to top down. Its much more like the actual contractions I remember with JT. They're still not painful, just uncomfortable.

BELLY BUTTON: Popped out like a turkey timer.

WEDDING RINGS ON OR OFF? off. Too much swelling for them or any rings.  

HAPPY OR MOODY MOST OF THE TIME? Mostly happy, but amazingly easy to send into irrational frustration and/or tears.