Wednesday, October 2, 2013

16 Weeks - Trying to keep track

I'm trying to document this pregnancy better than my last, which wasn't documented at all. I was too excited/sleepy/nauseas to do this before. Plus, if I wasn't eating, I was barfing. This baby has been so much easier, so here we go. I'm borrowing this interview format from the awesome @jonnajae of

We're 16 weeks along now, and this pregnancy has been so much different than with my little man. We're seriously hoping for a girl this round.

Here is the first photo I took at 11 weeks pregnant:

And here I am today, at 16 wks + 2 days:


HOW FAR ALONG? 16 Weeks, 2 days

BABY’S SIZE? About an avocado.

DAYS UNTIL NEXT DOC APPOINTMENT? 6 - we're having an early appointment because our midwife is due with her 2nd baby in 2 weeks!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN/LOSS? 2 pounds up. no complaints here!

MATERNITY CLOTHES? oh yeah - for weeks now. The belly pops out a lot faster with baby #2. I broke out the belly bands by 10 weeks and was fully into maternity clothes by week 13.

STRETCH MARKS? only the minor ones left over from Baby #1 which are so minimal.

SLEEP: ugh. This baby hates sleep, but loves making me exhausted. I cannot get comfortable, I wake up and roll over every hour. If I have to get up to pee or just because of an intense dream afte 3 am, i'm not getting back to sleep.

BEST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Putting on my first pair of maternity leggings. omg how did I not live in these things before now? So comfy.

MOVEMENT: Lots! I'm loving this part. I started feeling little butterlies and scratches around 10-11 weeks, when I was curled up in a ball. Now, baby makes herself known throughout the day. I can feel kicks/punches and sometimes a full-body roll. Its so much easier to recognize the movements with Baby #2. She really hates tight pants and anything resting on my stomach.

FOOD CRAVINGS: Melted cheese in all its glory. Quesadillas, grilled cheese, cheesy dip, etc. And meat. for spending the better part of the year cutting animal products out of my diet, this child has done her best to undo that. I love prime rib.

ANYTHING MAKE YOU QUEASY OR SICK? Not too much. With John, everything made me sick and certain smells would send me running. this time around, i haven't been nauseas since 7 weeks, and only really nasty smells get to me. That said, soy things don't sit so well with me, but i've never been a big fan, so no loss there.

HAVE YOU STARTED TO SHOW YET? Yep. Complete strangers can tell this is all baby.

MISSING ANYTHING? Sleeping well, being able to walk my son to school without wanting a nap afterwards, Its only a few blocks!

GENDER? We think girl. We hope for a girl. This pregnancy has been completely different than my pregnancy with John, in so many great ways. I was miserable with John. Now, I finally get why women say they LIKE being pregnant.


BELLY BUTTON: In tact, getting really shallow.


HAPPY OR MOODY MOST OF THE TIME? mostly happy, but I get really irritated and cranky really quick when things turn.

WEEKLY SYMPTOMS: less sleep, bigger belly, more headaches and heart palpitations.

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