Thursday, October 4, 2012

First week back home...

As many of you know - Jenna and her family are back home now.

I have had the chance to visit a couple times and have seen a huge difference in her from those two visits.

Initially she was having a lot of trouble keeping food down, controlling the pain with her meds and moving in general - I believe these things are still an issue - but not as much.

She is at least eating and getting up and moving a bit more - but the pain is still pretty intense, but that is to be expected.

Still hoping to get an update on Monday regarding the tumor and what it really is (Spindle Cell vs. Neurofibroma) - keep you fingers crossed it will turn out benign!!! :)

Anyway - for now you will still be getting updates from me as it is painful for Jenna to text and type - so if the text messages you receive from her seem is for good reason.

Jenna and her family greatly appreciate all the love and support they have gotten from friends and family - keep it coming!

Big thanks to everyone helping to provide meals this week as well - it has been a huge help for them!

Talk to you soon -


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