Friday, October 12, 2012

The cost of great care.

I got the itemized statement (pre-insurance payment, thankfully) from my stay at the UW Medical Center. I'm so thankful for my very excellent health insurance, because this stuff isn't cheap:

Pharmacy - $3,013.61
Daily Service (nursing) - $5,967.00
Supplies - $2,583.00
Laboratory - $995.00
Pathology - $497.00
Radiology - $1,115.00
OR Services - $14,996.00
Anesthesia - $3,352.00

The list goes on, and the total exceeds $35k. That doesn't include the doctor's time, the post-op visit, and a lot of other outstanding bits and pieces.

It's hard to believe I consumed $3k in drugs in 4 days, but as Andrea mentioned in her posts, I was pretty freakin out of it, so clearly they worked. My nurses were worth a lot more than $6k.

Yay for a great job with great benefits!

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