Sunday, October 7, 2012

We interrupt this blog to give thanks.

There are a lot of people who have shown kindness and generosity beyond all I could imagine during this rough patch. I can't possibly name everyone who has stepped up to help in one way or the other, but i'm going to try!

So, a huge thank you to:

  • My family, both blood and in-laws: for the love, support and generosity. To my parents for flying across the country to take care of me. To my mom for staying in the hospital with me, getting no sleep, and caring for me non-stop. To my dad for spending a week cooking meals and entertaining JT, so he never felt the lack of care from me. To Kevin and Xandy for opening your home to us time and again, caring for JT, and generally being awesome. To Chris and Louise for all your support, dog sitting, babysitting, and help with our home. We're so lucky to have you so near.
  • The Fetrow family: for a delicious meal and two months of lawn mowing that have been a huge help while we haven't been around to take care of our lawn. And for being so supportive.
  • Dana: for being an amazing friend, and for taking care of our home and dogs during surgery, and leaving me such fun surprises all over my house, including the candy, balloons and new jammies!
  • The Bauer Family: to Nick for being an awesome boss and friend. To Susan for taking time to organize meals for us and for making us the delicious white chicken chili we enjoyed so much.
  • The Steiner Family: for some delicious baked potato soup.
  • The Hammer Family: for the tasty pork tenderloin and salad. That blueberry chutney was perfect.
  • The O'Neil Family: for pizza, right when I was craving it.
  • The Spanner Family: for the beautifully marinated rib-eyes, salad, and twice baked potatoes. 
  • The Anderson Family: for the AMAZING chicken noodle soup and homemade bread. How can I bribe you to give me your recipes?
  • To my friends: who came out the night before we went to Seattle to cheer me up. I love you all. 
  • To Andrea: for caring for my dogs during one trip, for being an amazing friend, and for letting me freak out to you. Oh - and for keeping the blog going. I'm so very glad to have you in my life.
  • To Maren and Jason: you're awesome and fun, and I love how you cheer me up.
I love flowers, and in the past week, I have received beautiful bouquets or plants from the following people. My kitchen table looks like a garden and I love it. 
  • My dad sent a very happy yellow bouquet in a white pitcher. 
  • Jeff & Judy Coddington sent a beautiful red and pink arrangement.
  • Kim brought me a beautiful selection from her own garden.
  • the Heaston's sent a very pretty rose bowl.
  • My big sister sent a pretty plant basket with a balloon!
  • My amazing office sent a plant basket and kind card.
  • Aunt Lizzie sent a beautiful peach and purple arrangement in a lovely vase.
  • Deanna and Kara brought a stunning purple arrangement that brightened up my hospital room!
  • and Louise brought me a calla lilly plant, and offered to keep it alive for me this winter (proving how well she knows me).

Finally, my team at work, who have not only been supportive, but also donated time off to help us get through this chunk of downtime.

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