Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I just finished my last appointment.

Today is a big day, because I attended my final doctor's appointment for this stupid tumor. The hubs and I just left the Northwest Cancer Care Office, where we had a final wrap-up appointment with Dr. Meyers, who I would recommend to anyone who actually needs cancer treatment. I'm so very glad that I don't.

So with that now done, I have no more scheduled doctor's appointments, and no obligations to follow up with any medical practice, unless something goes wrong with my recovery.

Speaking of recovery, it's a long, painful, and slow process. I feel like i've taken a few steps backwards this last week, and I am pretty sure its my own fault. As i've felt better, i've been trying to do more things, get out more, etc., and each ambitious day is followed by a terrible night and day after. Those days have been filled with lots of pain and copious amounts of frustration. I've also slacked on my physical therapy and breathing exercises, because I had started to feel more normal again. Bad choice.

Today is the start of my 4th week post-op and I am bored and frustrated stuck in bed, where I can't get comfortable anyways. It's hard not to overdo it, but I pay dearly when I do, so its back to bed and jigsaw puzzles for me.

Tomorrow is the first day I will be home alone all day. JT decided this weekend that he is sick of hanging out with boring grownups all day, and asked if he can go back to daycare, and Craig has all day meetings, so it's just me and the dogs!

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  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog entries, Jenna. You are quite an accomplished writer! I can easily relate to your surgery difficulties and what recovery is. I had my gallbladder removed on 06/18, regular incision, was released 3 days later, lasted 24 hours at home, and knew something was VERY WRONG. I went back to the hospital, where they couldn't get my vitals (thready) and a cute EMT straddled my lap in the wheelchair as they wheeled me to ICU. I spent the next 10 days in ICU, 4 or five days regular, and had to promise to return to the hospital every
    day for 10 days for IV antibiotics. It turned out that my gallbladder was gangrene, had ruptured, and my abdomen was full of inflammation and infection, not to mention a belly full of gallstones. I spent all summer recovering, and was finally released fully last Thursday. I am thankful to be alive, doing good, and ready and willing to be more productive. I think I had the best surgeons, nurses, and definitely got spoiled by those at home. My min-pin, Coco, was the best "orderly" I could ask for. I hope you keep updating all of us. You are still in my prayers.... Robin (Big Robin)