Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh Baby! It's Benign!!!!

It's benign! It's benign! It's benign!

So yeah, it's a BENIGN nerve sheath tumor called a neurofibroma, which normally occur in soft tissues. They only need to be surgically removed when they are causing a problem (like breaking a rib from the inside). The pathology report noted that the tumor had consumed 98% of the rib it was on.

There will be no radiation therapy!!!

There is a chance of reoccurance, but not much of one. Which means that as soon as I recover from this surgery (4-6 more weeks), I am good to go.

As for recovery, i'll post the details of the last few weeks soon, but i'm slowly getting better. Now that I am off the major narcotics for the most part, my eyes are working again and I can do little things like type and text.

I'm going to go celebrate (as much as one can when one can't drink, dance, or go crazy in any way). So, in closing:


  1. YES! YES! YES!

    We're so happy to hear this. :D

  2. That is just awesome news, Jenna! I am so happy for you! Prayer works!