Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A feast fit for....someone who just had surgery

After Jenna's surgery was complete - they had some trouble stabilizing her blood pressure -so she wasn't taken up to her room until after 9 p.m. last night.

Once she was in her room - she was finally able to eat some food - as Craig put it..."A feast fit for...someone who just had surgery..."   Applesauce and water - oh yeah!

She's doing well - but her shoulder and throat are extremely sore and she is coughing quite a bit as they did have to collapse her lung during surgery. Another downside to that is the intense amount of lung exercises needing to be completed to build that lung back  - 10x an hour every hour - and apparently it doesn't feel so great - but she says it is bearable (of course she does)!

They may be able to remove her IV today and they have already turned the suction off the chest tube which is one of the first steps to removing the actual tube. Once that is removed - they can remove the epidural.

She will continue to have chest x-rays to monitor her progress - but they are hopeful she will be able to head home on Friday!

More updates as I get them....


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