Monday, September 17, 2012

The date has been set!

Our trip to Seattle was awesome! we went up to Seattle on Saturday, trying to spread out the drive so JT didn't have to be in the car twice in a 24-hour period. We had a great time with our family there, and JT had a blast with his cousins.

On Sunday morning, Dr. Meyers called to tell me that while reviewing all my medical records, he very much agrees that post-operative radiation is the best option for me. I was surprised and impressed to hear from him on the weekend, and simply to say that he agreed with my choice, as he knew I wasn't 100% confident in it.

Monday morning found us at the UW Medical Center, awaiting a meeting with my surgeon, Dr. Mulligan, and his PA. They were very nice, and informative. Their first discussion with me was to encourage me to wait until after the surgery to have any radiation therapy that might be needed (woo hoo! we're all on the same page). They had already spoken to Dr. Meyer as well, and were relieved that I had decided on post-op radiation.

We discussed how the surgery would go, and what my recovery would entail, and decided on September 25 for the surgery date. The evening before, I will go visit the UW Pre-Anesthsia Clinic for an evaluation. Then on surgery day, I will check in two hours before surgery for prep. I'll get a light sedative, epidural, and then general anesthesia. The doc will make a ~6" S-shaped incision in my back and remove the diseased rib from the vertebral join at my spine, and remove the back section of the rib. It's likely he will also remove the ribs above and below that bad rib. My right lung will be deflated during the operation, and i'll have drainage tubes at the site for several days afterwards.

I'll spend at least three days in the hospital afterwards, then will be free to go home. It's likely we'll stay in Seattle with family for a few days, until we are ready to attempt the drive home. The I will enjoy 4-6 weeks of at-home recovery, watching re-runs of my favorite sitcoms (now might be the time to sign up for cable...).

So far, i'm not really nervous about the surgery, just happy to have a solid plan of action and schedule. I imagine the nerves will come closer to the surgery date.


  1. For marathon television, I recommend watching Netflix on your Wii. Now might be the time to ready your instant queue.

  2. Agree with Jessica! Get that queue rolling, and the Nintendo set up for some serious Bubble Bobble ;) So glad you have this scheduled and are able to have a plan of attack!!
    xo, Katie