Thursday, September 6, 2012

PET Scanned and Home Safe.

The PET Scan went as well as it can. We don't have results yet, but my hopes are high that it will show my cancer to be low-grade.

The scan involved being starved for 12 hours, so luckily my test was at 10 a.m. Then we checked in at the UW Medical Center, and I was given ANOTHER IV. I'm very sick of being poked with needles, but I think this is just the beginning, and probably the least of my worries. The IV was used to administer a radioactive glucose mixture, which I then let my body process for 45 minutes while my husband and I watched an episode of Top Gear (The Bolivia Special!).

Once I had let the glucose process, I was taken to the PET Scan room, which is like a really thick CT Scanner, where I had to lay with my arms above my head for 45 minutes while the machine watched which areas of my body were using the glucose, so we can see how much the tumor is stealing from me.

Then we drove home! my awesome sister-in-law, and mother-in-law are being a huge help with our little man while we attend all these appointments.

Now we're home and back to work while we wait for test results. We'll be back in Seattle next Tuesday to determine a treatment plan and try to move forward. In the mean time, my friends and co-workers have come through in amazing ways, and their support and positive attitudes are making this easier than I could ever hope for.


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  2. Wow... just read through all of this with Sarah. I really really hope the results show that it's slow moving. Sounds like this doctor in Seattle is a good one, which is rare these days!

    I'm sure you have plenty of great people helping you (as mentioned in the initial post) but if we can do anything, i.e. you need a babysitter for J.T. etc., please let us know.

    Our thoughts are with you and Fish. If anybody can beat this it's that firey little redhead we met in middle school!

  3. The Bolivia Episode is one of my favorites. :)