Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not much to report here.

We met with Dr. Conrad at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance today, and he seems to be a good choice for my care. Unfortunately, we don't know enough yet to determine a treatment plan. He ordered another round of tests, including a PET scan and MRI. He is also trying to get a hold of my biopsy slides, so his own pathologist can review them. 

He is trying to determine if the cancer is high-grade (fast and mean) or low-grade (slow and less mean). He should be able to tell after reviewing this week's tests. 

He will then hold a medical board review with his team to discuss my case and determine a treatment plan. I will meet with him again next Tuesday to review the treatment plan and take the next steps. 

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  1. Thinking about you lady. You know I'm here whenever theres wine to be drank and Dr. Mario to be played :)
    xo, Katie