Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Headed to recovery....

WHEW! FINALLY! Just got a call from Craig - she is out of surgery and everything went well!

Now that everyone has let out a big sigh of relief - here are the details:

The Mayo Clinic and the Cancer Center's pathologists agree that they think it may not be a spindle cell sarcoma, but may actually be a Neurofibroma (short version - based on what Craig said - that would mean it is benign....I will have to update that if I am wrong - he was breaking up - it was hard to hear). Based on this fact - they took out a much smaller area than originally planned when they thought it was a sarcoma.

Basically - we will not know for sure what the tumor is for a couple weeks - at which point they will reassess whether or not they need to go back in to make a larger extraction or if they will go the route of radiation.

I will keep you posted as I get updates from Craig - but so far - so good! YAY! :)



  1. This is wonderful news. Sending Prayers to Jenna!!

  2. Glad to hear our girl made it! Although I'm not surprised - we gingers are tough and she's an especially tough one!


  3. Thanks mama! Exactly Diz - that's what I told her! She's WAY too tough to let anything take her down! :)

  4. Oh, this is excellent news, indeed. Jenna, hope you are not incredibly uncomfortable. Maybe you are sleeping... I hope.